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If you’re looking for a unique home decor gift, be sure to check out Origami World's range of origami flowers and 3D origami creations. These origami creations are sure to impress your visitors.

Origami World can also help with decorations for your wedding, events, or personalise origami corporate gifts with your logo or message.

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Product Name Origami World - 15% Off

Creative and Fun Transformations with Every Fold!

Did you know the crane is a symbol of hope, happiness, longevity, and good fortune? Why not send an origami crane kit to someone who could do with a bit of these?

Origami World is co-founded by mother and son which was launched in November 2018 after they decided to turn their origami hobby (since 2014) into a business.

Their vision is to inspire others to give origami a go and transform nothing into something they can be proud of.

The traditional origami crane kits are great for the entire family.

  • Kids enjoy origami as it is fun, brings out their creativity, and helps boost their confidence when they transform nothing into a masterpiece they can treasure.
  • Adults find origami relaxing and as a mindfulness activity especially after a stressful day at work.
  • The elderly enjoy origami as it keeps their mind active and helps with their hand coordination.

They also have origami flower kits, 3d origami superhero kits, and more. Their 3d origami kits are pre-folded, ready for you to build them like legos into your creations.

Once you transform the origami paper/pieces into its finished form, they can be treasured and used as a home or office decorations or gifted to someone special and you can say “I made these for you”.

Origami World kits are a gift within a gift!

Supplier Origami World
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